Why we work with Magento (from a marketing perspective)

A quick bit about us

JRT Ecommerce are a talent pool of creative design, agile development and digital marketing specialists providing tailor-made web and ecommerce based solutions.

We help our clients achieve their business goals by using the most effective and cost efficient  tools for the  job and are experts in  all aspects of ecommerce from design, build, fulfilment and marketing strategy.

Our technical skills include, high-end enterprise grade technologies,  applications, and online marketing experience,  to provide with you with a fully rounded service.

Our team  of specialists have worked with some of the biggest names in their field such as JP Morgan,, Nokia & GHD. Our current list of global clients, range from niche hair & beauty companies to luxury diaries and healthcare service providers.

We always recommend a platform that will provide flexibility and deliver the best solution to fulfil our client’s needs.  From our experience of working with many different tools we have found Magento Commerce is the best platform to deliver results for our clients.  Magento is trusted by more than 150, 000 businesses, including some of the world’s leading brands and offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. It is a cost-effective solution built on open source technology,  enabling our clients to control and customise the look and feel, content, and functionality of their online stores reflecting our ecommerce philosophy  – ensuring our clients are self-sufficient, can run their own stores in-house and incorporate functionality that is futureproof. This is why JRT Ecommerce have been working with Magento since we started over 2.5 years ago.Technical advantages of using Magento include:

  • Scalability: as your business expands so can the functionality of your ecommerce with the Enterprise version of Magento which has a wealth of additional features and benefits International support: Magento has built in support for multiple languages and currencies, which will allow your store to sell internationally. Magento comes with around 60 predefined languages but custom language packs can be created. It includes the ability to set different tax zones and payment systems on a per country basis.
  • Continued investment and development: eBay has acquired Magento and has invested heavily in developing the software further in order to produce the next generation of ecommerce systems. This investment is reassuring and removes a lot of the risk factors usually found when using open source software packages.
  • Security: Magento is a secure and reliable e-commerce system that gives confidence to your customers.

Given my digital marketing background, I also want to outline numerous different ways businesses can add customer value using the Magento Commerce platform, improve customer retention rates, increase sales and generally enhance their site’s USP.

  1. When developing digital marketing strategies for our clients JRT Ecommerce focus on 5 central pillars that are proven to increase a business digital marketing return on investment.  Proposition. Developing the site usability, content management and design to create a simple and easy user experience that will result in increased sales.  for the customer such each visit that enhances the sales funnel.
  2. Acquistion Using multiple tools such as SEO, pay per click, affiliate marketing, social media, partnerships and shopping comparison to drive traffic to the site therefore increasing brand awareness and customer pipeline.  
  3. Conversion. Creating a sales funnel by converting more ‘window shoppers’  into buyers via  promotional activity, personalisation, checkout best practice and enhanced content. This content will allow the customer to more readily progress from browser to buyer.  
  4. Retention. Providing loyalty schemes, targeted and segmented email campaigns, visible related and cross sell products to provide greater choice, and convert customers into brand advocates. We recommend the Sweet Tooth Loyalty programme that works seamlessly with Magento
  5. Analytics & Reporting. Critical for measuring ROI – what gets measured, gets done. This includes site performance management, Polls, integration with analytics package and benchmarking. Google analytics can easily be integrated into Magento.

We have found this strategy combined with  the Magento Commerce platform provides a senior marketer and their team with all of the tools they need to manage their digital channel.

I hope I have given you an insight as to why JRT Ecommerce recommend Magento, from a technical and marketing perspective. The difficult thing about writing this article was to keep it as short as possible, as there are an incredible amount of features I have not mentioned and also a constant stream of new functionality being added or extensions/plugins being created. From our experience, it is everything your business needs to establish or improve its ecommerce presence and provide your customers with a fabulous buying experience.

For more information on how we can help you with a Magento development or help you with an existing site please contact Jason Russell on


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