The Cookie Monster?

With the enforcement of the EU’s Cookie Directive this month there has been a lot of discussion about how it will affect digital marketers and e-business professionals. I’m interested to know what your views are, and if you think the new law will hinder user experience or whether it’s important for protecting privacy?

I read an interesting article (if not a tad controversial!) this week which argued Cookies are essential for the internet to be able to offer effective solutions to advertisers, who in effect fund a huge number of popular websites. And that the new Cookies Law will see a number of websites struggle financially. I’m not sure I entirely agree with this and think the writer of this article is missing the point. When did Cookies become exclusively about advertiser benefits?

There’s also the question of how effective online advertising is. With only 14% of consumers today trusting advertisements, and a massive 45% saying they would walk away from a company that contacted them in a way they have not been asked to, shouldn’t we be focusing first and foremost on user experience, understanding customers’ individual needs and targeting them with the right messages at the right time? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against relevant online ads, but no one likes to feel that Big Brother is watching them – online or otherwise.

It would be interesting to hear your views.

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