Linking your Online & High Street Stores: An Omni Channel Case Study

The Business – Scotland Kilt Company

The Scotland Kilt Company are a traditional kilt maker and Scottish souvenir retailer based in Edinburgh Scotland. It started life as a passion and hobby during the founder Sonny’s university days.

The Scotland Kilt Company first traded on EBay before growing into a ‘stand-alone’ e-tailer and has been operating for 10 years.

The Scotland Kilt Company recently updated their Ecommerce site with Magentity a digital and ecommerce agency who installed a Magento platform and Sweet Tooth Rewards loyalty system. From past experience, Magentity knew the Magento/Sweet Tooth combination would have a positive impact for The Scotland Kilt Company not just in terms of turnover but also consumer engagement.

Sweet Tooth Rewards offers consumers loyalty points for writing product reviews. Reviews prove product performance and this accelerates the all-important ‘social proof’ a brand needs to engage with the profitable ‘early majority’ audience. Sweet Tooth Rewards also offers a tier loyalty programme encouraging further consumer retention, engagement and advocacy. In addition, site visitors have a wealth of loyalty incentives for customers on a site level, such as signing up to a newsletter or creating and account, as well as a social level including retweeting and following on Twitter.  

The success of the new Scotland Kilt Company site, loyalty programme and enhanced consumer experience created an opportunity for Scotland Kilt Company to have their first bricks and mortar store.

 The Challenge

Initially The Scotland Kilt Company bricks and mortar store had a simple till system and stock management was done separately – not integrated with the online store. The outcome being the back end process of the company was not as efficient or effective as it could or should be. The consumer journey in store was also out of sync with the online offering where a points based loyalty system from Sweet Tooth was available to consumers.

While a traditional store environment helps enhance the online brand and create reassurance, consumers are used to the convenience and speed of online shopping. Anything less than that in a bricks and mortar environment can create consumer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Magentity knew The Scotland Kilt Company had opened a bricks and mortar store and took a pro-active step to assist their client. They knew any disparity between the online and offline worlds would create an inconsistent brand experience for consumers.  

Magentity took the decision to investigate what omni channel EPOS solutions were available and could work cohesively with the Magento online platform and Sweet Tooth Rewards.

After extensive research Magentity ascertained Ebizmarts not only had a till system that could fully integrate with Magento but also with Sweet Tooth Rewards. This is because early on Ebizmarts saw a gap in the Magento offering and set out to create a solution.

Knowing the retail market was highly fragmented Ebizmarts  knew they had to build a system that was fully scalable – suitable from the smallest to the largest retailers and able to be transported to any location. This would not only make it ideal for large multi chain established retailers but also start-ups relying on pop-up stores and installations.

Blurring the lines Between on and offline shopping

Magentity also discovered the Ebizmarts system offered real time stock updates via an app. Staff can check stock availability using the app to answer consumer stock enquiries as soon as possible. No more lengthy waits for staff to log onto a different system with inaccurate information. Currently the EPOS system allows consumers to earn Sweet Tooth Rewards in store with integration of phase two earn/redeem feature going live end of April.

In addition the Ebizmarts Epos system has the ability to let consumers browse online, create a wish list, go in-store, ask for their wish list items, try and then buy them. In the near future Ebizmarts Epos will also enable consumers to create a wish list from a store that will be ready to purchase online at a later date.

In addition, Ebizmarts’ close relationship with SagePay, meant the solution integrated seamlessly with the SagePay payment gateway.  

Ebizmarts also had an excellent reputation for customer service, and important factor for Magentity to be able to refer them to their own client. On presenting the omni channel information to The Scotland Kilt Company, the decision was made to proceed. 

The Implementation

Magentity took approximately 20 hours to install and test the EPOS system. The integration with Magento and SagePay went smoothly. Ebizmarts support during the process was excellent, they were happy to help Magentity resolve any bugs or issues to ensure The Scotland Kilt Company’s new system was up and running as quickly as possible. Magentity noted the entire process very straightforward.

The Scotland Kilt Company founder said the Ebizmarts and Magentity teams made installation and integration so simple and easy. Not only was the process a breeze – the new EPOS system was cheaper and better than the old till system!

The Scotland Kilt Company plan to launch the in-store version of the loyalty system in the near future, as part of their updated marketing strategy.  

The Results to Date 

It is still early days but Sonny from The Scotland Kilt Company has already noticed the stock management in on/offline stores is more efficient. For example barcoding stock used to take minutes per item, now it takes seconds.  He also commented the integration will also allow the business to respond to peak trading periods much faster, such as during the Edinburgh International Festival making the business more adaptive and able to exploit any unexpected opportunities.

Scottish Kilt Company

The Future

Consumers now demand a consistent shopping experience across the on and off line worlds. Ebizmarts are currently developing a solution to enhance the consumer journey with relevant and personal brand experiences. 

For more information on how Magentity can help you with your Magento solution and Epos requirements, contact Jason Russell.

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