website by Magentity

The Challenge
Alfresco Shop were looking for a Magento Agency with experience in developing foreign language web sites, Cantonese in this case, as well as having an indepth knowledge of the beauty sector.

Working with their marketing team, Magentity have developed a vibrant and clean new design using the Ultimo theme which encompasses the brand ethics.  A number of best practice extensions have been implemented as well as integrating with Alfresco Shop’s third parties including their accounting system, warehousing and stock management.  In addition, we have created a Cantonese version of the site, with a loyalty programme with separate stock management and access to different territories in the region.

Site to be launched mid March 2016.

Key features

  • Cantonese language version of the web site
  • Integration with their Sage Accounting solution
  • Advanced Inventory for multiple stock levels
  • Warehouse integration (inventory and tracking) & integration with Elucid Software
  • RESS ( responsive backend site )
  • Advanced analytical reporting and event tracking
  • Loyalty programme including milestones
  • Advanced Reviews & Promotional capability