Sporting Wine Club

The Challenge
With online visibility suffering, the Sporting Wine Club website and products weren’t attractively presented and true value of the Sporting Wine Club brand wasn’t being conveyed. This was also reflected in the members page as customers no longer felt they were part of an exclusive and privileged membership. Moreover, the UX wasn’t optimal which created hurdles for potential wine club subscribers. But it also had it’s own internal challenges too, it was difficult to update products, causing delays with new wines coming in. This was also added by the fact that they had no analytics data to monitor the sites performance.

Sporting Wine Club chose Magentity as their digital partners, following our analysis we wanted to focus on the three key areas of better user experience, attractiveness of products and online visibility.

Starting with the homepage, we included a number of industry standard features that improved the sites UX tenfold. These included Content Blocks which allowed us to emphasise the benefits of the Sporting Wine Club as well as a carousel displaying the array of events, awards, and associations available within The Sporting Wine Club.

Sometimes, less is more. And 9 times out of 10 when it comes to product pages this is the case. When we initially looked at the product pages, there was that much clutter that the ‘Buy Now’ button appeared below the fold. Following a de-cluttering process and a reorganisation of content on the product pages we ensured that not only did the product pages have a sleek and attractive presentation, with the main CTA above the fold.

We also implemented some features to ensure that customers felt the benefits and privilege of being a member of The Sporting Wine Club. Firstly, by making sure the true worth of membership was known with easily digestible content, making the different subscription levels known as well as tidying up the members section so that current account holders find the process easy and seamless.

Previously the staff at Sporting Wine Club found updating products to be a lengthy and laborious process causing mass inefficiency behind the scenes. So, we made it part of our mission in the site overhaul to ensure that the backend wasn’t forgotten, and staff would find the process much easier to manage

The Sporting Wine Club now have a web site that their business and products can be proud. It is much easier to navigate and find the right wines the consumer wants as well as greater educational content about the wines through the Winemakers section. In addition, implementing basic best practices throughout has meant that there has already been an uplift in extra sales via the web site.

This has come through the three main focuses of the project:

  • Online Visibility
  • Attractiveness of products/ services
  • Better User Experience (UX)