Magento Ecommerce Case Study: Multiple International E-commerce Stores in the Luxury Beauty Industry


Imagine this……..The international opportunity is there. You’ve seen a steady increase of international sales on the site. The numbers stack up, logistics are scale-able and the tax/duty challenges have been resolved. The business is ready of ‘officially’ expand ecommerce internationally with dedicated sites tailored to key markets.

Making the decision to expand international ecommerce sales is part and parcel of growing any business. But with so many ecommerce solutions available, how do you decide which one will best support your current and future business needs?


Marketing 101. Customers like to know the retailer understands their particular needs and the easiest way to convey that is to have a site using the local language. Good translation is key. What next?


The most effective way to manage several international sites is to create multiple country site with centralised data and admin. Here’s why.


Want to target your UK, US and Australian customers but want to avoid them landing on the wrong site. With Magento platform your site can detects a consumer’s location and automatically re-direct them to the correct site for that market. This saves the consumer the hassle of browsing and realising they are looking at products in the wrong currency.

We did exactly this for our luxury skincare client Omorovicza. You can see on the .com URL below that the site automatically detected I was searching in the UK and redirected me automatically to the correct site with products for sales in £GBP. 

Going global with Magento

However let’s imagine the consumer might be visiting the UK but wants to purchase some items to be sent to her home in the US, ready for when she returns from her trip. The Magento auto geo locator won’t prevent her from browsing the US store. She can still easily change which site she can browse.

The Magento auto geo locator on

In the dropdown the consumer can chose which site she wants to visit and Magento will let her know only orders to US and Canada are accepted on the site, which also gives her peace of mind shipping costs will be for local delivery and not charged for international costs. 

Omorovicza Shipping Options

Our other client PerriconeMD preferred to show all global stores on screen

Perricone - International Magento Stores


A multiple country store can also be built to trade in numerous currencies. This saves consumers the worry of trying to work out exchange rates – the price they see is the price they pay.  The drop down on the Omorovicza site shows the currency the other sites use so the consumer is aware before choosing to shop there.
International Currencies


If your business has international re-sellers/distributors and the existing agreement is they have exclusive rights to online sales, as a brand you can still create an official brand site as part of the Magento multiple country build.   At Omorovicza, they have existing re-sellers in Brazil, Japan and China. So we created brand only sites that also feed into the same centralised admin panel as the transactional international sites.

International Resellers using Magento

For each of the ‘brand’ only storefronts, when the consumer is ready to shop, the ‘buy’ button automatically redirect to the local re-seller site.

Different Languages in Magento

Brand site redirects to the relevant local reseller product page minimising click throughs for the consumer.


A major factor to consider for cross border trading is payment gateways. Having a good understanding of each territories preferred spending method is paramount. With our client PerriconeMD, they knew German consumers prefer wire payments using the Vorkasse payment gateway as well as on site (SagePay International) and having both available to consumers was essential to build trust.  It was easily incorporated into the Magento checkout process.


Magento multiple country site also allows localised marketing activity specific to increasing acquisition, conversion and retention. For example, at Omorovicza, the landing page content is consistent across all international.  However marketing promotional activity is more localised. For example, product sample sachets are hugely influential across the majority of markets to drive conversion and increase average basket value.

The Omorovicza English language sites offer customers the opportunity to select 3 samples as part of the check-out process. On the French and Hungarian language sites, sachet sampling is not offered as part of the check-out process.


Most consumers like to have different shipping options – from free to express ship. With Magento it is easy of offer numerous shipping options for consumers to suit their time and budget.


One of the main advantages of having a multiple country site is the centralised data and admin panel.

A business can create reports segmented by:

  • Location/website
  • Currency
  • Payment method
  • Product

In addition, a custom report function is also available.


What are the advantages to using Magento to create multiple language sites with central data and admin panel?

  • The ability to implement and manage global, localised and dedicated content
  • Trade in different currencies
  • Offer special shipping options
  • Offer specific payment gateways


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