Interview with Rolando Zabban, MD Sana Jardin, on Ecommerce & Luxury Fragrance

Sit back and have a look at the first Magentity interview. They will be informal and casual discussions that will provide insights for SMEs and Startups into best practice and how to avoid making mistakes in the ecommerce and digital landscape.This is critical in this current environment.

MD Rolando Stefanos Zabban of Sana Jardin (our client of 2 years), was gracious enough to make the leap of faith and answer a few key questions. Rolando provides an insight into the impact of ecommerce on their business and how the decisions they have made have paid off since moving to Shopify two years ago.

Key questions covered:
– Bespoke vs Off the Shelf ecommerce platforms
– Benefits of the Shopify ecommerce platform
– How Covid has effected the Sana Jardin business
– Working with an Ecommerce agency & their requirements
– What the future holds for Sana Jardin

Hope you enjoy the balloons!!

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