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We love our work and industry. It is so fast moving with constant change in all areas. Because of this, we like to put pen paper or finger to keyboard, and share our thoughts and findings with you. Please free to make comment on anything we have written - we love discourse too!

Fashion & Beauty Ecommerce – Why it’s imperative this industry has reviews & tips on how to implement them effectively.

In our back to basics blog post we discussed how important it is for businesses in general to implement online customer reviews onto their site. At Magentity, we have a wealth of experience within the fashion and beauty industry, but sometimes we still...
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Nine Reasons Why Magento is the Best CMS for Ecommerce

As our name might suggest, we’re quite the Magento enthusiasts. And whilst we offer expert web design across most platforms, Magento in our eyes still reigns supreme in terms of ecommerce content management systems. In recent years there have been an...
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How to Create Attribute Sets on Magento and the Benefits

At Magentity, we like to think we know a thing or two about Magento, that’s why we always make sure that our clients are following Magento best practices. and what are those we hear you ask? Well one of them are attribute sets, and we’re going to...
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Include augmented reality technology & 360 photos on your product pages – A web site conversion case study!

Here at Magentity, we’re always looking to better our offering to our customers and try out the latest technology, but we like to do it with purpose and not for vanity. Don’t get us wrong, we like higher click through rates and lower bounce rates...
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